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Number of Articles: 13
1. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of broiler chicken farmers toward antimicrobial resistance

Volume 5, Issue 3, Autumn 2021, Pages 8-18


Maryam Ansari-Lari; Keramat Asasi; Kimia Safaei

2. Knowledge, attitude, and practice towards COVID-19 and pets among pet owners referred to veterinary clinics in Iran

Volume 5, Issue 3, Autumn 2021, Pages 34-42


Arash Ghalyanchi langroudi; Seyed Abed Mirbagheri; Hossein Hosseini; Mohaddese Hosseinzade; Mohammad Hossein Fallah Mehrababdi; Zahra Ziafati Kafi; Ali Hojabr rajeoni; Reza Esmaeelzadeh dizaji

3. A pilot study on knowledge, attitude, and practice of pet bird owners on zoonotic diseases

Volume 5, Issue 2, Summer 2021, Pages 40-45


Mmohammad Hossein Fallah Mehrabadi; Arash Ghalyanchi Langeroudi; Reza Esmaeelzadeh Dizaji; Seyyed Jamal Emami; Saeed Rezaei; Ali Hojabr Rajeoni; Amir Modiri; Zahra Ziafati Kafi; Arzhang Shayeganmehr

4. Prevalence and pathologic changes due to Sarcocystis species in naturally infected sheep in Urmia city, Iran

Volume 4, Issue 3, Autumn 2020, Pages 54-60


Farhad Farhangpazhouh; Mohammad Yakhchali; Amir Abbas Farshid; Hadi Rezaei

5. Prevalence of Toxocara cati in pet cats and it ΚΌ s zoonotic importance in Tabriz city, Iran

Volume 4, Issue 3, Autumn 2020, Pages 61-66


Yagoob Garedaghi; Ali Shabestari Asl; Aliasgar Shokri

6. Neosporosis in Iran; recent evidences and perspectives

Volume 4, Issue 2, Summer 2020, Pages 1-24


Mohammad Mehdi Namavari

8. A serological survey on Neospora caninum infection in wild rats (Rattus rattus) in Ahvaz district, Iran

Volume 3, Issue 1, Autumn 2018, Pages 1-9

Bahman Mosallanejad; Mohammad Hossein Razi Jalali; Hossein Hamidinejat; Elaheh Peyghambari

9. Risk factors for human brucellosis in Mianeh, Iran

Volume 3, Issue 1, Autumn 2018, Pages 10-21

Mir-Hassan Moosavy; Mahsa Hallaj Salahipor; Ehsan Mostafavi; Seyed Amin Khatibi

10. A case of enteric myiasis by Sarcophaga spp. larvae in stable worker from Iran

Volume 2, Issue 2, Autumn 2017, Pages 51-56

Roghayeh Norouzi; Arman Manochehri

11. A case report of Dioctophyma renale in the peritoneal cavity of a stray dog

Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2017, Pages 43-47

Parisa Shahbazi; Amir Ali Shahbazfar; Roghayeh Norouzi

12. Knowledge of university female students on the prevention of congenital toxoplasmosis

Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2016, Pages 31-39

Maryam Ansari-Lari; Sadegh Ghaffari; Omid Rashidi

13. Prevalence of demodicosis among youth in Northern Iran

Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2016, Pages 54-57

Mohammad Taghi Rahimi; Mohammad Reza Youssefi; Ehsan Ahmadpour