• What fields does Journal of Zoonotic Diseases cover?

The Journal publishes original articles, review articles, short communications reporting clinical and basic research studies, case studies, clinical trials, etc. of significant scientific and ethical standards and focusing on all aspects of zoonotic diseases including geographic, seasonal, and other risk factors that influence the transmission, diagnosis, management, and prevention of this group of infectious diseases, and identifies global trends that have the potential to result in major epidemics.

• What is the abbreviation for Journal of Zoonotic Diseases?

The abbreviation of the Journal of Zoonotic Diseases is JZD.

• Is Journal of Zoonotic Diseases citable?

Yes, JZD is citable by DOI identifier.

• Is Journal of Zoonotic Diseases open-access?

JZD is an immediately open access journal and no page charges are required from the author.

• What Creative Commons licences does Journal of Zoonotic Diseases offer?

JZD is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY NC).

• What is the policy of Journal of Zoonotic Diseases for plagiarism screening?

All manuscripts must be free from plagiarism contents. Manuscripts submitted to JZD will be screened for plagiarism using Similarity Check / iThenticate plagiarism detection tools. All authors are suggested to use plagiarism detection software to do the similarity checking before submitting their manuscript to the journal. Notably, JZD editors check all submitted manuscript in JZD for plagiarism screening using iThenticate and grammar by Grammarly detection software (www.grammarly.com). The journal will immediately reject papers leading to plagiarism or self-plagiarism.
Whenever it is determined that manuscript has not complied with the plagiarism rules, the article is rejected (before accepting) and if it has been published (after accepting) it will be removed from the published list and placed in the withdrawn list (returned articles because of Failure to observe plagiarism law).

What is the time from submission to final decision?

This time is maximum 6 weeks